The Complete Beginner Starter Pack includes all three beginner macrame kits at 15% off! The key chain, wall hanging and plant hanger kit. Each kit includes everything you need to get you started, making learning super easy and fun.


You will start off with the key chain kit, which is a small project with quick results. In this kit I teach you the three foundation knots you will be using in your starter pack. Next is the wall hanging kit. Created to get you in the chill-out zone and totally nail how to tie a square knot. Last but not least is the plant hanger kit. A more complex beginner design that brings all the knots you have learned together. By the end of this starter pack you will be a happy and confident macrame maker. 


All the macrame kits were created to not only teach you macrame, but to also show you how incorporating creativity into your day has such a positive impact on mental health.


The kits are about encouraging self-care and teaching you the mindfulness macrame brings by allowing you to be in the moment, forget your stresses and help to relax your mind.


This pack makes the perfect mindful gift for those who love all things handmade and also for those who are after a unique creative gift to give a loved one.


Perfect for beginner makers and no experience is necessary.


Complete Beginner Starter Pack includes:

  • one beginner knot guide
  • all three beginner kits and their contents - the Key Chain Kit, Wall Hanging Kit and the Plant Hanger Kit (single kits are available which you can view by clicking here)
  • PLUS a free online meditation - a short 10-minute meditation to listen to before bed to help you sleep


Not only will you learn macrame but you will also learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your day through creativity and meditation. xx

Complete Beginner Starter Pack

  • How I have made the kits eco friendly:

    -  all macrame cord that is made from 100% recycled cotton

    - all printing is printed on recycled paper using vegetable-based inks

    - all items are posted in compostable mailing bags which will biodegrade in your home compost within 3-6 months