A unique and eco-friendly way to bring the outside in.


Ideal for dining or living areas or outside in a protected area eg patio.  


Ever-changing wall art that you can change as often as you like. Use plants, dried flowers, climbing plants, herbs or mix and match your favourites. 


Use lightweight pots with your plants or recycle glass jars you have around the house and put in your favourite dried flowers.


Made from 100% recycled cotton cord on a Tasmanian Oak dowel.


The length of this vertical garden is approximately 55cm (21in) wide and 100cm (39in) long. 


Ready Made - Triple Vertical Garden

  • Eco friendly by: 

    -  using 100% recycled cotton cord

    - posting your orders in compostable mailing bags which will biodegrade in your home compost within 3-6 months